User agreement in respect of the electronic services portal "DIKIDI"

Using the Portal is possible only on the terms set forth in this User agreement. If You do not agree to the terms, You should immediately stop using the Portal. The use of the Portal means that You accept the terms of this User agreement.

Terms and definitions

Portal — automated information system available on the Internet at the network address using the following domain (including subdomains): Under the Portal, depending on the context, refers to software Portal, design (graphic design) Portal, Database Portal, any of its section and subsection, as well as information posted on the Portal the Administration Portal. The aim of the Portal is to provide electronic access by Users of the website to all types of offered products and rendered services (performed works) Partners of the Administration for their purchase, recording the provision of services (performance of work), payment, etc.
portal Administration — a person owning all the appropriate exclusive property rights to the Portal, including the domain name of the Portal and engaged in its administration.
Пользователь — дееспособное физическое лицо, прошедшее Процедуру регистрации, получившее индивидуальный логин и/или пароль, а также имеющее свой Профиль. Для целей Пользовательского соглашения под Пользователем понимается также лицо, которое не прошло Процедуру регистрации, но осуществляет доступ к Порталу и/или использует и/или использовало его. Любое лицо, осуществляющее доступ к Порталу, этим автоматически подтверждает, что оно полностью согласно с положениями Пользовательского соглашения, и что в отношении него применимы требования, установленные Пользовательским соглашением, а также выражает согласие на обработку своих персональных данных Администрацией портала, в соответствии с Политикой конфиденциальности.
User Profile / Profile is a special subsection of the Portal, where they posted personal information about the User, as well as other information, to place which can only be the User. Any User may only have one Profile.
Information — any information, messages, data, regardless of their form of submission placed by the User on the Portal, including: personal data, any text messages, etc. files.
Partner is a User that has the Portal to his personal web page (Personal account), offering the purchase of goods, rendering of services (performance of works).
Database is the objective form providing aggregate data, systematized so that these data could be found and processed with help of software and hardware and technical means of the Portal.
Any terms and notions used in the Agreement, but not reflected in the section "Terms and definitions" shall be construed in accordance with the meaning arising from the text of the User agreement. In the event of any dispute concerning the interpretation of the term and/or concepts used in the User agreement, will apply the interpretation, which will be determined by the Administration.

  1. General provisions
    1. ООО «Интернет-Технологии» - ИНН/КПП 7604249353 / 760401001, ОГРН 1137604014470, юр. адрес 150040, Ярославская обл, г. Ярославль, ул. Некрасова, 39Б (далее — Портал) - предлагает пользователю сети Интернет (далее — Пользователь) – использовать свои сервисы на условиях, изложенных в настоящем Пользовательском соглашении (далее — Соглашение). Соглашение вступает в силу с момента выражения Пользователем согласия с его условиями в порядке, предусмотренном п. 1.4 Соглашения.
    2. The portal offers Users access to a vast array of services, including online recording, booking, ordering, delivery, shopping, etc. All currently existing services, as well as any development them and/or adding new is the subject of this Agreement.
    3. Использование сервисов Портала регулируется настоящим Соглашением, Политикой конфиденциальности, а также условиями использования отдельных сервисов. Соглашение может быть изменено Порталом без какого-либо специального уведомления, новая редакция Соглашения вступает в силу с момента ее размещения в сети Интернет по указанному в настоящем абзаце адресу, если иное не предусмотрено новой редакцией Соглашения. Действующая редакция всегда находится на странице по адресу
    4. Начиная использовать какой-либо сервис/его отдельные функции, либо пройдя процедуру регистрации, Пользователь считается принявшим условия Соглашения, Политики конфиденциальности в полном объеме, без всяких оговорок и исключений, а также выражает согласие на обработку своих персональных данных. В случае несогласия Пользователя с какими-либо из положений Соглашения, Политики конфиденциальности, Пользователь не вправе использовать сервисы Портала. В случае если Порталом были внесены какие-либо изменения в Соглашение в порядке, предусмотренном пунктом 1.3 Соглашения, с которыми Пользователь не согласен, он обязан прекратить использование сервисов Портала..
  2. Registration on the Portal
    1. In order to use certain services or certain specific functions of services, the User must complete the registration process, which will be for the User to create a unique account.
    2. For registration the User agrees to provide accurate and complete information about yourself as prompted in the registration form and keep this information up to date. If the User provides incorrect information or there is reason to believe that the User-supplied information is incomplete or inaccurate, the Portal has the right, at its sole discretion to block or delete the User account and refuse the User to use their services (or their separate functions).
    3. The portal reserves the right at any time to require the User confirmation of the data specified during registration and request in connection with this, supporting documents, failure to which, at the discretion of the Portal can be equated to the provision of false information and entail the consequences provided for in clause 2.2 of the Agreement. If the User data specified in the documents provided to them do not correspond to the data specified at registration, as well as in the case when the data specified at registration, does not allow to identify the user, the Portal has the right to refuse the User access to the account and use of the Portal services.
    4. Personal information of the User contained in the User account and personal information of the Partner contained in the Personal profile, is stored and processed by the Portal in accordance with the privacy Policy (
      The administration of the Portal when processing personal data of Users and Partners undertakes to take all technical and organisational measures to protect against unauthorized access in a manner not provided by the Portal.
    5. The user is solely responsible for the safety (eliminating the possibility of hacking) of the chosen means to access the account and ensures their confidentiality. The user is solely responsible for all actions (and their consequences) within or using the services Portal as a User account, including cases of voluntary transfer User data to access the User account to third parties on any conditions (including treaties or agreements). Moreover, all actions within or using the Portal services under a User account considered to be produced by the User, except when the User, in the manner prescribed by paragraph 2.6., advised the Portal of unauthorized access to the services Portal using the User account and/or about any violation (suspicions about violation) confidentiality of their means of account access (password or means of two-factor authentication).
    6. The user is obliged to immediately inform the Portal of any unauthorized (not permitted by the User) access the Portal services using User account and/or about any violation (suspicions about violation) confidentiality of their means of account access. For security purposes, the User is obliged to carry out a safe shutdown under your account (the button "Exit") at the end of each session of service Portal. The portal is not responsible for any loss or damage of data as well as other consequences of any nature that may occur due to violation of the provisions of this Agreement.
    7. The portal has the right to block or delete the User account and to prohibit access using any account to certain services of the Portal, and to remove any content without giving reasons including in case of violation of the terms of Agreement or conditions of other documents provided for in paragraph 1.3. Agreement.
  3. The User's personal data
    1. In force of this Agreement, indicating your personal data on the Portal, the User unconditionally accepts:
      • with the provision of personal data to Partners using the Portal (for the purposes of the site);
      • with the processing of personal data by the Administration Portal;
      • with the proliferation of personal data using the Portal;
      • с иными действиями Администрации портала в отношении таких данных в связи с функционированием Портала.
    2. Размещая на Портале свои персональные данные, Пользователь подтверждает, что делает это добровольно, согласен с обработкой своих персональных данных, а также что он добровольно предоставляет данную Информацию Администрации Портала для обработки. Если Пользователь не согласен с вышеуказанными условиями, то он должен не производить регистрацию и (или) немедленно удалить свой Профиль и использовать Портал исключительно как незарегистрированный Пользователь.
    3. The Portal administration processes only those personal data of the User that were posted on the Portal.
    4. The User's personal data are processed using hardware and software technical means of the Portal.
    5. The User's personal data are processed by Administration during the term of their placement on the Portal. If the personal data contained in the Portal or the User Profile will be deleted, the Administration stops processing. However, the Portal Administration has the right to retain an archival copy of the above User data indefinitely.
    6. Treatment by the Administration of personal data of users in order to support the functioning of the Portal and by itself, the treatment may not result in any negative consequences for the User. The Administration Portal is not responsible for the use of personal data by other persons.
    7. The user undertakes not to post on the Portal personal data of other persons, and not to use personal data of other Users in any way not in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation, unlawful or illegal purposes, gain or any other purpose not relevant to the purposes of the Portal.
    8. Without prejudice to the other provisions of the Agreement the administration of the Portal has the right, without the consent of the User to transmit data about the User:
      • state bodies, including bodies of inquiry and investigation, at their reasoned request;
      • on the basis of a judicial act;
      • to third parties for their reasonable written request in the event of a breach or alleged breach of their rights;
      • in other stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation cases.
  4. Accommodation Information
    1. By submitting Information to the portal, the User warrants that it has all necessary rights to post Information on the Portal. If the User does not have proper permission for posting on the website any Information, the User agrees not to post such Information.
    2. The user when using the Portal shall:
      • Not to post on the Portal and not to or transmit through the Portal, the following Information:
        • is defamatory, abusive, discrediting/degrading the honor and/or dignity of third parties;
        • violating the legislation of the Russian Federation, containing threats, defamatory of third parties;
        • violate the rights and legally protected interests of third parties;
        • violate the rights of citizens to private life and public order;
        • discrimination of people on racial, ethnic, sexual, religious differences, social status, sexual orientation or other characteristics;
        • promoting and/or calling to change the constitutional order, the outbreak of war, religious, racial or ethnic hatred, contain attempts to incite hatred or incitement to violence, infringing upon the rights of minorities;
        • containing pornographic or other morally offensive material;
        • containing extremist materials.
      • Not propagated to the Portal and/or through a Portal computer viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to breach, modification, blocking, destruction or limitation of functionality of any computer or telecommunications equipment, applications for unauthorized access and serial numbers for commercial software products and programs for their generation, logins, passwords and other means to gain unauthorized access to the Portal, as well as to paid resources on the Internet;
      • not to disrupt the normal operation of the Site;
      • not to distribute and/or use any computer programs, aimed at "pumping" (collection), unlawful transfer, copying, blocking, modification, destruction of Information, Database, or other information from the Portal and bypass the restrictions set by the Portal;
      • not to place or otherwise not to use on the Portal of Information otherwise protected by intellectual property law (including, but not limited to, which affects any patent, trademark, copyright and/or related rights), and other legally protected Information without appropriate rights and permissions from the copyright owner of such Information. In the case of a dispute the burden of proof that placed the User Information does not violate anyone's rights, rests with that User;
      • not to post or transmit on the Portal advertising without obtaining the prior consent of the Administration Portal;
      • not to carry out collection, storage, distribution and other actions on the processing of personal data of other persons;
      • not to post on the Portal links to other Internet resources, whose content is contrary to the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation and/or this Agreement;
      • not propagated to the Portal and/or through the Portal Spam, "chain letters", Internet earnings, schemes "pyramids", multilevel marketing, e-mail-businesses;
      • not to create more than one Profile;
      • when registering on the Portal does not specify the false Information, not to register and not to make actions on the Portal on behalf of another actually existing or existed person, not to indicate data of third parties, not to use any forms and methods of illegal representation of third parties;
      • not to make through the Portal actions aimed at the soliciting or receiving money, regardless of the excuse, from other Users and/or third parties;
      • not to promote drinking and not to incline to the use of narcotic and psychotropic substances, to engage in prostitution through the Portal;
      • not to contribute to the fulfillment and/or to make use of the Portal other illegal, illegal action contrary to the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation and/or this Agreement.
    3. The administration of the Portal only provides Users with the ability to place Information on the Portal and use the services of the Portal. The Portal administration is not responsible for the accuracy and legitimacy of content posted by Users on the Portal Information.
    4. The administration of the Portal does not and is not technical and the actual ability to check all Information posted by the User on the Portal in compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation and provisions of this Agreement, as such testing would make impossible the functioning of the Portal. However, the Administration Portal may do so at any time in its sole discretion in the event of the occurrence of the relevant doubts.
    5. The Portal administration has the discretion to refuse to post and/or remove any Information that the User intends to place/has placed on the Portal.
    6. Link to any website, product, service, any information commercial or non-commercial nature, posted on the Portal or advertising is not an endorsement or recommendation of these products (services) from the Administration Portal.
    7. Any recommendations made by the Administration Portal for your User with the help of technical means of the Portal, are only predictions made on the basis supplied by the User evaluations of the submitted products, services (performed works), using the mathematical methods underlying the calculation of User preferences. These recommendations may not reflect the actual preferences of the User, not meet his aesthetic taste. The Portal administration is not responsible for discrepancy of the proposed recommendations, the User's real preferences.
  5. The Use Of The Portal
    1. The use of the Portal is permitted only in accordance with this Agreement and solely as provided by the technical capabilities of the Portal.
    2. Правообладателями в отношении Информации, размещенной на Портале, являются в соответствующих случаях Администрация портала, Пользователи.
    3. The Portal administration is the legal copyright holder and owns all exclusive property and other related rights to the Portal, including, but not limited to, software, Portal, graphics, design, Database of the Portal.
    4. Any Information posted on the Portal by the User correspondingly belongs to such User. By submitting Information to the portal, the User confirms that he has all necessary rights and authority, and the User agrees that such Information becomes available to Partners and Users.
    5. Размещая Информацию на Портале, Пользователь автоматически безвозмездно, безусловно и безотзывно предоставляет Администрации портала неисключительное право на использование такой Информации по усмотрению Администрации Портала, в том числе, но не ограничиваясь, на воспроизведение, копирование, подбор, систематизацию, преобразование, изменение, редактирование, перевод, опубликование, распространение такой Информации (частично или полностью) любыми законными способами. Также, размещая Информацию на Портале, Пользователь подтверждает, что обладает соответствующими правами и полномочиями для предоставления Администрации Портала указанного выше неисключительного права на использование размещенной Информации.
    6. The user shall not (unless otherwise expressly permitted by the services) in any way modify, copy, erase, save, download, distribute, transmit, sell, to post and otherwise use the Information posted on the Portal (except for the Information that has been legally posted on the Portal by the User) without prior permission of the Administration and/or the respective copyright holder, except for cases when the administration of the Portal and/or the copyright holder explicitly expressed its consent to free use of Information by any person.
  6. The functioning of the Portal and the responsibility for its use
    1. The user uses the services at your own risk. The services are provided "as is". The portal assumes no responsibility, including for compliance of services with the User's goals.
    2. The portal does not guarantee that: services meet/will meet User's requirements; services will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free; the results that may be obtained from use of the services will be accurate or reliable and can be used for any purpose or in any capacity (e.g. to identify and/or confirm any facts); the quality of any products, services, information, etc. obtained using the services will meet the User's expectations.
    3. Any Information and/or materials (including downloadable software, writing, any instructions and a guide to action, etc.), access to which the User gets by using services of the Portal, the User can use at your own risk and is solely responsible for the consequences of use of such information and/or materials, including for damage it may cause to the User's computer or third parties, for loss of data or any other damage.
    4. The portal is not responsible for any losses resulting from the use by User of the Portal services or separate parts/functions of services.
    5. The Portal administration is not responsible, shall not be liable for any damages, including lost profits and moral damage caused to the User as a result of use of the Portal or in connection with the operation of the Portal and in all other cases provided for in this Agreement.
    6. The user bears full responsibility posted on the Portal and/or provided to other Users, Partners or third parties through the Portal Information, in particular, for its content and compliance with the requirements of Russian legislation, violation of rights of third parties to post and/or User-reported Information (including, but not limited to, the rights of the author and/or related rights, rights to means of individualization, rights to trade secrets and other legally protected rights). The user shall reimburse any losses (including lost profits and moral damages), arising from other Users, Partners, third parties or the Administration Portal as a result of the above violations and/or placing on the Portal of such Information and/or message through the Portal of such Information, as well as other actions in connection with the use of the Portal.
    7. The Portal administration is not responsible for contracts between the users and the Partners made use of the Portal. In particular, the administration of the Portal only provides access to the list of goods (works, services) provided (performed, rendered) by the Partners, but contractual relationships arise directly between the User and the respective Partner Portal Administration is not responsible for these obligations.
    8. The user undertakes by own strength and at own expense to resolve all disputes and settle all claims and claims of third parties, regulations and requirements of competent state authorities, as received in the User's address, and the address of the Administration Portal, in connection with the placement of the User Information on the Portal, and to compensate all losses and expenses incurred by the Administration in connection with such claims and lawsuits.
  7. Dispute resolution
    1. User and Administration Portal will attempt to resolve all disputes between them and disputes through negotiations. In case of impossibility to resolve disputes and disagreements by negotiations they shall be settled in appropriate court at the location of the Administration Portal.